About us

Our products are simplistic in concept, but cutting edge with distinct designs and warm colours. Giving that something extra special and unique,whilst bringing bliss to your upcoming adventures.

Following the roots of origination, such towels are said to have been created in the town of Babadag, Turkey, hundreds of years ago using blends of cotton and bamboo.

Our towels are designed to be lightweight and fast drying made using an exclusive soft material resulting in high quality fabric. This makes them the perfect companion for the beach, pool parties, travelling and styling around the home, not to forget – they are also eco-friendly!

Taking all of this into consideration we are giving you DYORI  for everyone to enjoy. Owning one of our towels is not just about comfort and practicality but it also about holding that statement piece which you love and everyone desires – that something which gives you the feel good factor that we all deserve.

Along the years our collection has expanded to diverse ethically sourced products which include Home goods, Fashion accessories and Wellness Essentials. This allows our clients to customise their own gift box suitable for any occasion both for individuals and corporate orders.