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Why Dyori...

Trying to pick just a few of the ample fascinating features our towels offer was hard, but we made an effort just for you and here they are.

cotton summer beach towel travelling holiday lightweight


We’re over big and bulky – this is what got us to provide a light-weight, highly versatile towel. As light as 270 grams versus the 800 grams plus of a traditional towel, you can make your life easier and more comfortable. Be inspired and travel light in weight.

cotton summer beach towel travelling holiday

Cotton and Bamboo

Considering the amazing fabric it is, our towels are made using a combination of cotton and bamboo. Besides being soft to the touch, it allows our product to be of supreme quality making it highly absorbent, durable, fast-drying, breathable and not to forget, environment friendly.

cotton summer beach towel travelling holiday handmade


Nowadays, everything is about mass production – but not us, we’re different. All our towels are hand loomed which means that each towel is unique. Occasionally there are some imperfections which we’re sure you’ll embrace. This doesn't mean that our towels are cheap, but are woven with care by people not machines, is actually what makes them so particular.

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DYORI – Where to find us ?

The time has come for us to meet some of you. And that’s because we are going to be set up with our very first pop-up shop this weekend!!

28th Sep 2016
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La digue navy blue


Hey guys… It is time to talk about the unique features of our towels which are cotton and bamboo material, lightweight and handmade.

3rd Aug 2016
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Make Yourself Welcome!

We, people at DYORI, are very excited to finally launch and get rolling with our website and colourful towels.

3rd Aug 2016
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