Hello Friends,   It is time to talk about the unique features of our towels which are handmade of cotton and bamboo material, making them lightweight and easy to pack.

1) Cotton and bamboo – The natural choice

You do not need to worry while working out with DYORI. Cotton is long lasting and breathes to keep you cool and comfortable.
To add that extra touch of softness some of our towels are made out of a lush mix of bamboo and cotton. This creates durability while leaving the towels to look good and feel even better!

2) Lightweight – Pretty and practical

“The towels are so thick that I can hardly close the bag.” Are you familiar with this?

Well… that is no longer an issue.

Our products are perfect for any activity. Whether you are hitting the gym, beach or simply sunbathing around the pool, they can be nicely rolled up and consume less space than the traditional towels. Our towels weigh just a third of normal towels, just 270grams instead of the massive 800grams of a traditional towel!

3) Handmade – Woven with love

Having hand loomed towels means that each towel is unique. Occasionally there are some imperfections which we’re sure you’ll embrace. This doesn’t mean that our towels are cheap, but are woven with care by people and not machines, is actually what makes them so particular.